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Body Care

Natural Holistic Healing : Oraganic Essentials

Made to Order Skin Care & Body Products

Body Care:

"Looking within for the answers sometimes just simply means knowing whats going on inside your body."


Why I do what I do:

     There are many reasons why my interest in natural healing has grown so strong. #1 I used to have pretty bad acne. It was embarressing, I never wanted to go out anymore, I felt ugly. I would wear make up to hide it, but it was only making it worse in the long run. I would constantly scan the isles at the store to see what new face wash or acne treatment was out. Nothing worked. I tried everything that money could buy. I went to a dermatologist, was given a regimen and prescription, no use. Visited an esthetician, went through many very painful extraction treatment,  still no luck.

     I began looking into it on my own and trying to figure out the cause. Well it turns out about 95% of it was my thought process.  If I touched my face or gave attention to my acne it got worse. If I let minute things or people stress me out it would explode.(for which now i often reapeat positive affirmations to keep my thoughts calm and seren, trust me they really do work. it's kind of amazing).

      I also learned that the products used to treat acne can often make it worse because they dry out your skin. When your skin is too dry a signal goes to your brain and says "hey I need more sebum" then your skin begins to produce more oil and often gets trapped in the pores causing swelling an inflammation.. So I did what many people thought was crazy. I started putting oils on my face. but not just any oils, the right oils for me.  Through exstensive reading, research, and lots of self trial, I have developed some all natural healthy alternative body, skin and hair care products.. (many of which are still in trial, but they look promising).

     Reason # 2 why I do what I do is I just got tired of soaking my skin( the largest organ of the body) in chemicals, preservatives and poisons. I began researching benifits of essential oils and healthy carrier oils. I started googling everything that comes into contact with my body and filtering out the bad stuff. Ive learned so much through out this journey. If your interested in creating a healthier lifestlye for yourself, I may be of some help. Please feel free to                           


So far I've created:


tooth paste

mouth wash

cold chest rub

antibacterial room freshener

body scrubs

sore muscle syrums

bug spray


relaxing bath and body oils

deep moisturizing oil hair treatments

lice treatments for children

lip balm

lip plumper gloss

face and body masks

tired foot syrum

facial toners, moistrizers, washes, masks & light exfoliators


In the works:

under eye syrum

neck and chest syrum

wind and cold skin protectant

shampoo and conditioner

body butters

acne spot treatment

psoriasis treatment


I often create with what fresh ingrediants I have available to me, everything I use is good for your body and brain functioning. Including Raw unrefined oragnic coconut oil, Cold Pressed olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, as well as 100% thereputic grade pure essential oils.  I do not use any harmful Chemicals or presevatives so everything I make is made to order. Everything I've created and continue to create is and will always be personally tested on myself. So you can trust that what ever it is that you may want to try out is safe.  If you are interested in trying some of these products please contact me. I just may be able to send ya some free samples as well.


If there is something you may be suffereing from please feel free to contact me. Theres a chance I may have something for you. Even if it is as simple as a positive affirmation.


:-) peace, love, kindness  and respect to all of the universe!





Whats Readily Available:






Ingrediants- organic raw unrefined coconut oil, baking soda, arrow root, (or xanthum gum, depending on whats available) Shea butter, beeswax, peppermint oil.


Starting with the basis of my creation:

*Coconut oil being the main ingredient has many beneficial uses. Only cold pressed organic raw unrefined pure coconut oil is used, due to the fact that more nutrient and benefit is achhieved through this extraction process.

Coconut oil holds wonderful antibacterial and anti fungal properties as well as a sweet scent.

*Baking soda helps regulate your PH balance and neutralize odors.

*Arrowroot & xanthan gum absorbs moisture to help keep you dry without the harmful effect of aluminum. It is also gluten free so it is safe for everyone.

*Shea butter was added for it's moisturizing and healing properties, to keep your arm pits healthy and beautiful.

*Beeswax is a natural noncomedogenic nourishing moisturizer as well as  anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti allergenic, and a germacidal antioxidant.

*100%pure essential peppermint oil is antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and will keep you cool and fresh.



Additional ingredients :

Lemongrass oil

Lavender oil

Vanilla jojoba oil blend

Jasmine grape-seed oil blend

Clove oil

Cinnamon cassis oil

Orange oil

Tangerine oil

Lemon oil

Grapefruit oil



Vanilla Flower- vanilla jojoba oil blend, lavender oil, jasmine grape seed blend.

*The sweet scent of Vanilla Flower not only keeps you smelling beautiful but also holds the power of  luring aphrodisiacs. Each essential oil was chosen specifically to benefit your body. This combination of Vanilla, Lavender and Jasmine is not only seductive but also holds antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti septic, antioxidant, anti carcinogenic and anti depressant properties. It will keep you feeling calm, clean, serene and sexy throughout your entire day, as well as help promote restful sleep at night.


Orange Spice- orange oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil

*I made Orange Spice specifically for it bold scent. Its pleasently strong and works great for men, but women could use it as well. It's pleasant warm aroma holds the power of an aphrodisiac as well as many other properties that are beneficial to your body. Orange spice is antibacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antiviral, and antidepressant. The combination of orange, clove and cinnamon are a very stimulating, yet calming and detoxifying mix. These oils are known to boost brain activity as well promote relaxation. So you can keep your cool while making crucial decisions.


Lemongrass Lover- lemon grass oil, lavender oil, jasmine grapeseed oil blend.

*The luxurious Lemongrass Lover is a very stimulating scent. The lemongrass alone will have you smelling delicious all day. It will also boost your spirits and keep you feeling lively and awake. With their romantic aphrodisiac qualities the addition of lavender and jasmine adds the lover aspect to the mix. This uplifting combination of essential oils has many beneficial properties such as being antibacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antipyretic, anti depressant, anti viral, anti carcinogenic, and anti anxiety. Just a whiff of this essential blend can release serotonin, help relieve pain, and increase mental activity making it a breeze to survive even the toughest of days. 


Sweet Citrus Blossom- vanilla oil, lemon oil, tangerine oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil, lemongrass oil, jasmine grapeseed oil blend.

*The awakening aromatics of  Sweet Citrus Blossom will cause your spirits to soar. This invigorating combination of essential oils are known to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxident,  antipyretic, anti infammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, anti anxiety, anticarcenogneic, astringent, disinfectant, and aphrodisiac properties. This rejuvenating Citrus tonic blended with the sweet seductive mix of Jasmine and Vanilla will bask you in a lively sense of freshness, as well as keep you feeling vibrant and alert, yet calm and focused through out your day.




Q: Why does it matter what you apply to your armpits?


A: Well I'll tell you why.  Just beneath that thin layer of skin in your armpits there are over 20 lymphnodes and blood vessels hiding in there. Your lymphnodes are small lumps of tissue that are part of the body's lymphatic system, which helps fight infection.  Now let's talk about that thin layer protecting them. Skin, as you know, is the bodys largest organ. This organ has the power to absorb and filter nutrients into you body.  Just as your liver filters what you ingest, your skin filters what comes in contact with your body. The reason it is important to eat healthy is the same reason why it is import to take care of your skin. Your lymphnodes  are in charge of fighting bacteria and toxins that get into your body, through means of excretion (sweating), Its not very safe to block and completely inhibit this natural and purposful bodily response. Many deodorants out on the market today contain aluminum and other harmful chemicals and preservatives, which when absorbed through you arm pit have direct transmission into your blood vessls and lyphnodes.  Applying this directly to such a sensitive area seems a bit irrational, don't you think? 


Q: Why do I prefer My own deoderant over other store bought alluminum free deoderants?


A: Although something on a shelf may say all natural, it does not mean that it is with out presevatives. Not everything put on a shelf gets bought right away, therefore  preservatives are added for lasting shelf life. We all know by now that some chemicals in many preservatives are harmful to the body, and can cause devastating effects such as cancer and alzheimers. I Started making my own products not to put on a shelf to sell but to put on my body and excell. Finding myself further into a world of good health and happiness. I started recieving request from friends and aquaintences,  thus I have begun selling my products fresh and made to order. Because this product was originally intended for personal use, I am very specific about what and why I put each and every single ingrediant into my creations.


More scents to come. :)

For purchase and information


Also Available:


Tooth Paste, Mouth Wash and Oil pull-



organic raw unrefined coconut oil

baking soda

hydrogen peroxide

pepermint oil

spearamint oil

wintergreen oil

tea tree oil

clove oil

oregano oil

sunflower seed oil

sesame oil


In combination, the ingrdients above have many cleansing and beneficial dental care properties. Such as breath freshening, germ killing, cavity reducing,  gum healing  and teeth whitening effects.


I've been making and using my own toothpaste and mouthwash for months now and I have loved the results.


Q: Why not just buy toothpaste and mouth wash from the store?


A: There are many reasons why I dont just simply buy toothpaste. Many of those reason are similar to the reasons why I make my deoderant. The harmful chemicals preservatives in toothpaste can be harmful to your body. Flouride for example can be quite toxic, therefore I'd rather keep as from my bloodstream as possible.  Again, As with all of my products I created this formula for personal use.  My tooth paste is a low sudsing cleanser. The reason for this is because the foam in most toothpaste is caused  by the chemical detergent Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS), which in  study has been known to strip the skin of its natural protective layers resulting in mouth ulcers and chronic inflammation of the cheek and tounge . Being that my products are free from harmful chemicals the flavor and texture may take some adjusting too. None the less your teeth and mouth will still get cleaned with out the bubbles.


Q: Whats so great about these dental care products?


A: What's so great about my dental care products you ask? Well it's base is made up primarily of coconut oil, which at first may seem strange, but in recent studies has been shown and proven to prevent and even heal cavities. That's wonderful information and a sincere reason to eliminate the need for fluoride in your toothpaste. The essential oils in combination with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide create a healthy refreshing cleaning solution. Some amazing beneifits to the oils I use: antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral. Tea tree oil has also been proven to eliminate all forms of gum disease. What more do you need from a dental care product? Oh yea,  clove and pepermint oil eliminate bad breath. I couldnt ask for a better solution.   I make them for myself and test them on myself and since I do care for myself  and my body you'll be happy to know there is a safe allternative to dental care.


Q: What is Oil Pull?


A: Oil Pull is the name I've given to my oil pulling solution.  Maybe you've never heard of oil pulling? Oil pulling or oil swishing, is an ancient ayurvedic simple cost effective natural remedy procedure that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha and is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma. Oil pulling has risen from an incomprehensible, ancient Ayurvedic natural remedy technique to an effective self help nature cure method for restoring and maintaining overall health.


For  Dental care purchase and information


Also Available:


Soothing Vapor Chest Rub

*made with eucylptus and pepermint.


Fat Lip: Exfoliating  Moisturizing and Plumping Balm

*made with beeswax, honey, brown surgar cinnamon and essential oils


Fat Lip: Shine and Plumping Gloss

*made with cinnamon and pepemint oils


More product descriptions to come.

feel free to ask about any products on the

So far ive created:  list as well as the

In the works: list. toward the top of the page.










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